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It's a digital and web based age!

In an age completely dominated by web and search engine markteing and social media advertising, it is absolutley essential for you to not be left behind when it comes to the internet.

There are SO MANY websites and programs out there that have been made. True. But that doesn't mean that they are good or well made! There are SO MANY websites and programs out there that just do not cut it in terms of run time, effieicny or being generally user-friendly. Don't worry though - yours will be different, because Split Web Graphics give you a sharper edge when it comes to website design.

Whatever your passion, whatever your need, we help your web project take wings and fly.

Split Web Graphics is backed by a team of experts in the field of web design and development who are keen to share their knowledge with you. We will be talking about website hosting, SEO, programming best practices and many more geeky topics.

Responsive Web Design

If you want tour website to look any new than 2013, then it simply HAS to be a mobile responsive design. According to one survey, in 2018 52.2% of web traffic is on a mobile device, whether that be a tablet or a mobile phone. See the importance of making your website available to a wide audience now?

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Reliable Web Hosting

You need web hosting that is going to allow for flexibillity, yet ensures security and is solid and reliable. Another essential hallmark of a good web host is a good support network. If a problem with your website comes up and then you cannot even contact them or get anything in the way of help, then you're a bit stuck.

Any kind of technical change to the website should be easy! Don't go for a web hosting service that doesn't make things like database management, PHP software control and backup restoration easy. Getting a cPanel or WHM setup should be top of your priority list with your hosting company.

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